Texarkana’s Educated, Trained Workforce

The Texarkana Talent Pool Runs Deep

Texarkana has a long-established reputation as a military-friendly community with a strong presence in the defense sector. Using the Brookings Institute definition of advanced industries, our 30-mile region employs nearly 2,400 skilled, unskilled and semiskilled workers in fields ranging from pharmaceutical medical manufacturing, computer system design and agriculture machinery manufacturing to engineering services and basic chemical manufacturing.

Skilled, Trained and Ready to Work

Texarkana is training the next generation of skilled workers. Learn how our comprehensive network of colleges and universities can help your business gain the upper hand.



Rich in resources and ready for growth, Texarkana is an affordable, pro-business environment where commerce can thrive. At AR-TX REDI, we’re committed to helping your business tap into the unique advantages of the Texarkana region to unlock new opportunities for economic success.

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