Commercial & Industrial Sites in Texarkana

Available Properties from AR-TX REDI

With affordably priced land, shovel-ready industrial sites, and close proximity to highways and rail, Texarkana is an ideal location for business expansion. Explore our available properties below or contact us to learn more.

Arkansas Manufacturing Center

Fronting Interstate 30 and U.S. Highway 67, the 1,350 acre site provides close connectivity to I-49 and future I-69 (currently I-369) as well as access to three U.S. highways including U.S. 59, U.S. 71 and U.S. 82 within the region.

East Texas Logistics Center

With frontage on both sides of Interstate 30, the nearly 850 acre site provides close connectivity to I-49 and future I-69 (currently I-369) as well as access to four U.S. highways including U.S. 59, U.S. 67, U.S. 71 and U.S. 82 within the region.

Texarkana Hampton Road Site

Located on North side of Interstate 30 between Nash & Leary utilizing an access road paralleling Interstate 30.

Falvey Industrial Park

The Falvey Industrial Park, located on U.S. Highway 59 in Texarkana, Texas, features 25 acres in tracts ranging from two to ten acres.

Maxwell Industrial Park

Located adjacent to the Texarkana Regional Airport, the Maxwell Industrial Park connects to I-30 via Loop 245 and has an entrance ramp to I-49. The site offers a total of 65 acres, available in tracts ranging from five to 37 acres.

Nash Industrial Development Corporation

The Nash Industrial Development Corporation, sited in Texarkana’s neighboring community of Nash, Texas, features 148 acres of ready-to-develop land.

TexAmericas Center

As the first S.T.A.R. site in Texas and one of the largest rural industrial centers in the country, TexAmericas Center offers excellent potential for enterprise. The facility features nearly 12,000 acres of land, including build-to-suit and Greenfield construction sites, as well as three million square feet of office, manufacturing, warehouse and storage space.



Rich in resources and ready for growth, Texarkana is an affordable, pro-business environment where commerce can thrive. At AR-TX REDI, we’re committed to helping your business tap into the unique advantages of the Texarkana region to unlock new opportunities for economic success.

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