Texarkana: In the Middle of Everything

The US car industry is in the midst of a transition as more and more automakers invest in electric vehicles. This shift presents a number of challenges for car manufacturers, who must decide how to best allocate their resources in order to stay competitive. Some steps that manufacturers can take to navigate this transition period include forming alliances with other companies and investing in new facilities.

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How the Southern US is Building the Foundations for EV Manufacturing

Texarkana is ideally positioned to take advantage of the boom in electric vehicle production thanks to a skilled workforce, supply chain access and proximity to lithium manufacturing facilities. The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly transforming the automotive industry, presenting...

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Why Texarkana is home to your next skilled workforce

One of the great benefits that businesses can tap into in Texarkana is a highly trained, industry-ready workforce, cultivated by an education system that was developed alongside Texarkana’s industrial history. A region can have all the industrial infrastructure and raw materials in the world, but...

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Texarkana Adapting to Support Changing Consumer Trends

Made in America: The transformation of modern consumerism Texarkana boasts a skilled and robust talent pipeline, a pro-business climate and a network of leading manufacturers, allowing it to adapt and respond to changing consumer trends. Markets have seen huge upheaval in recent years. Powerful...

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All roads lead south: Why car manufacturers are choosing Texarkana

updated 11 Nov 2021 | By Juliet Martin The southern US has become an increasingly popular location for big-name auto manufacturers, with the region of Texarkana offering a rich industry legacy, robust infrastructure and affordability, as AR-TX REDI president and CEO Rob Sitterley explains....

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Texarkana is Key for Equipment Manufacturers

Low tax rates, a skilled workforce and infrastructure that positions your company in the heart of major markets. Just some of the reasons Texarkana has grown to become a key site for original equipment manufacturers, as AR-TX REDI’s president and CEO Rob Sitterley explains.

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