Texarkana Gazette AR-TX REDI‘s Sitterley: Auto manufacturing plant ‘not too much to hope for’

A growing, diversified business landscape is in the forecast for Texarkana, according to key stakeholders involved in shaping the Twin Cities’ future.

In recent interviews, Kenny Haskin, Arkansas-side city manager; David Orr, Texas-side director of planning; and Rob Sitterley, CEO of vanguard economic development organization AR-TX REDI, agreed that the Texarkana region’s unique set of assets and advantages poises it for unprecedented success.

Texarkana’s location, resources, transportation infrastructure, history and available workforce will prove especially attractive to three business sectors, Sitterley said: manufacturing, defense and logistics/distribution.

“Ultimately, our goal is to diversify the economy. In 10 or 20 years, I would see that this community would be home to a number of large manufacturing operations, would be home to a number of logistics/distribution companies. We are just in a prime spot in the country,” Sitterley said. Read more.