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Low tax rates, a skilled workforce and infrastructure that positions your company in the heart of major markets. Just some of the reasons Texarkana has grown to become a key site for original equipment manufacturers, as AR-TX REDI’s president and CEO Rob Sitterley explains.

Developed around a complex rail system more than a century ago, Texarkana was born from the merging of neighbouring states Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana when railroad builders realised the vast potential of the region. Today, that potential still exists, and Texarkana has grown to become a key site for original equipment manufacturers that need to reach consumers or customers on time and on schedule.

AR-TX REDI is Texarkana’s regional economic development organisation, and acts as a single point of contact for relocating or expanding companies in the area. It represents and exclusively negotiates on behalf of multiple large tracts of land with direct access to US interstates and highways.

At the helm of it all is AR-TX REDI’s president and CEO Rob Sitterley, a man with a unique background in economic development and a commitment to ensuring this thriving region realises its full potential. Investment Monitor caught up with Rob to find out more.

How did you come to work in economic development?

After graduating college, my first job was with a local economic development organisation. That is when I first developed my passion for economic development and discovered how much I loved helping people and creating jobs in a way that also fuelled my entrepreneurial spirit. After my experience in local economic development, I worked in the private sector in the financial services industry and then as a professional athlete. Both experiences were extremely valuable as I honed crucial skills of business acumen, focus and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

My path then led back to economic development. This time I was leading business development for the state of Florida under two different governors. Each governor provided a poles apart approach to economic development helping me further examine my craft from two vastly different perspectives. I then continued on the path as an economic development professional in the private sector as a principal and national practice leader for a site selection business. Today, I am having the most rewarding and successful experience of my career. I am doing what I love and wake up every day excited to create and generate new content, leads and opportunities for the amazing Texarkana region.

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